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XSnano Saves You Money

Are You Ready?
Next Generation
revolutionary concentrated formula
used to create an all in one,
fuel saver

engine protector
emissions reducer
combustion chamber deposit cleaner
power booster.

XS Nano Product Range

NGA 500.png

Next Generation FUEL Additives


Petrol Vehicles
NGA (green)

NDA 500.png

Diesel Vehicles
NDA (orange)

Our Next Generation OIL ADDITIVE utilises Nano Technology to create the best Rolling Lubricant Additive in the world. Super Concentrated and Environmentally Friendly formula used to Double Oil and Fluid Life.

NLA is an all in one, power booster, engine protector, emissions reducer, oil life extender, resists friction, pressure, and high temperatures, naturally saves fuel.

Oil for the Car

XS Nano Product Range

Next Generation Gear & Oil Additive

NLA 250_edited_edited.png

Nano Lubricant Additive NLA for Oil & Gears

Image by Melissa Walker Horn

Cost Effective


Use in every tank

Keeping the Fuel Savings Flowing...

Short Informational Video

How XS Nano

Diesel and Petrol Additives work.​

NLA 250_edited.png

Nano Lubricant Additive (NLA)
Motor Oil & Fluids

Motor Oil

Motor Oil lasts twice as long because of the extra friction and heat reducing nano particles.


Save money on filters, oil & mechanic fees. Use with every oil change to keep the savings flowing.

Bonus one less trip to the mechanic!

Power Steering

Add once to your power steering fluid for extra responsiveness.

Less friction and heat in the drive train - translates to less drag and more kilometers from a tank of fuel. 


Add once to the differentials to reduce the friction in the drive train to help with longer part life.

AND...Another way to increase fuel economy


(more cash on you card when you re-fuel.)


Add once to the transmission fluid, for less friction for more fuel savings and long life to the moving parts.


(remember to add NLA again when you change the fluid). 

Fuel System - Benefits
Nano Diesel Additive (NDA) Nano Gasoline Additive (NGA)
*NGA for Petrol Vehicles

NGA 500.png

One Bottle Does the Lot


Increases the octane rating by 2-8 points in petrol vehicles​​

Increase Diesel Cetane by 1-2 rating numbers 


Get better fuel without the extra cost at the pump, never worry about using low grade diesel again. 

Don't pay at the pump to increase octane -  XS Nano does it for you.


More power means less strain on vehicles thus reducing wear.

Reduces engine operation noise and makes driving smoother. 

XSnano restores horsepower and reliability.

Also, eliminates hard starting and rough running. 

Don't wait for poor performance.


Bonus - also does a complete engine flush.

Fuel injectors clog when deposits build up over time and thousands of KM, when that happens, they don’t deliver the fine mist of fuel that provides maximum performance and efficiency.  Keeping injectors un-clogged means fuel savings and better performance.

Engine flush cleans exhaust ports and stubborn carbon deposits

Total Fuel System Cleaner & Conditioner

Formulated to break down dirt, varnish and gum deposits in injectors and fuel systems.

Once cleaned, the formula works hard to protect everything from the tank to the combustion chamber.


XS nano protects the engine by keeping it carbon free. 

Super Concentrated

1 ml treats 10 litres

5ml treats 50 litres

50ml treats 500 litres




Reducing Pollution.png

XS Nano Users are most likely to

Notice Improvements that include:

Satisfaction for Drivers

  • As a driver, having a responsive accelerator is a safe and confident feeling. 

  • Smoother idle and pickup

  • Reduces fuel consumption (about 10%-20%)

  • Reduces frequency of oil changes

  • Reduces harmful exhaust pollution (about 40%-98%)

  • Reduces colloid and carbon impurities in emissions up to 99%

  • A reduction in flat spots when accelerating

  • Additives are easy, cheap and effective.

  • Restores horsepower

  • Get fuel savings in exchange for reducing emissions to save the planet.


  • Improved economy (about 10%- 20%)

  • 2x your motor oil life, less oil, filters and mechanic fees 

  • Cetane Boost without paying at the pump

  • Reduced visits to mechanic

  • Octane Boost (2-8) without paying at the pump

  • Reduces the maintenance costs 

  • Reduces mechanic costs


  • Xsnano corrosion inhibitors, reduce wear and premature breakdown of metal parts. This will help keep your engine in good shape so you keep profits in your pocket

  • Initial cleaning of engine, injectors, carburettors, valves then keeps them that way

  • Less carbon build up

  • Prolonged engine component life

  • Resists pressure and high temperature

  • Extends engine's life

  • Fluids, Oil and Additives are cheaper than parts


  • Improved power (28%- 34%)

  • Quieter engine (up to 18 decibels)

  • Better cold starting

  • Black smoke disappears as injectors get cleaned